By now you’ve all realized I am addicted to planning. Just wait until you see my list of lists…

All joking aside, my sister lives in Texas and makes an annual trip home through the holidays. Every year we make a handful of Christmas cookies while she’s here.

Full Disclosure: I detest baking cookies.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love eating cookies, but I really don’t like baking cookies. One time I tried to make chocolate chip cookies and I ended up just making 1 large chocolate chip cookie. I don’t enjoy the repetition and monotony of cookie baking. I just get bored.

So to give myself some incentive for this task, I decided to make myself a list of what cookies she wanted to make and all the ingredients so I could make sure I didn’t miss anything. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a recipe and realizing you don’t have an ingredient.

The Plan

My first step was to ask my sister what cookies she wanted to make. She sent me a list of 3 cookies. At first I was super happy becuase you know, I HATE BAKING COOKIES. Then I realized my husband is going to want some cookies and I wanted to try sugar cookies with Sydney for Santa. Well, the list of 3 doubled. I’m already regretting this and haven’t even started baking.

After I drew a title on my page, I divided my page into 6 sections, one for each cookie. each section will contain the cookie name and a list of its ingredients. On the subsequent page is going to be my grocery list and amounts. I assume this won’t take up the entire page so at the bottom of the page I think I want to review each cookie.

Finished List

Below you can see the list filled out completely. The only thing left to do is order my groceries and bake the cookies. Who knows, you may even get some secret family recipes out of me.

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