I am, again, thankful for another month to be over. March has been slightly more difficult than normal due to the current state of the world. In PA, we were urged to maintain social distancing half way through the month due to the corona virus. The schools closed (which meant my husband would be home) and my boss converted all of us to work from home. Everything else pretty much got cancelled. It’s been an interesting and trying month to say the least.

Despite everything happening in the world, I again found myself enjoying the time I spent in my journal. Green is one of my favorite colors, so keeping a St. Patrick’s Day theme suited me. I did a couple different things this month, but kept to the basics.

Taking a Closer Look

Cover Page/Monthly Log

This is one of those times when my cover page was also my monthly snapshot page. I love how clean and festive this page looks. I also included my monthly stats on this page as well because my monthly log took up most of the page.

Gratitude Log/Meal Plan

This month I literally stuck to the basics. March consisted of a lot of lists. I did a gratitude log and a meal plan in a list format. It was just simpler and cleaner.

Monthly Goals

I always love my monthly goals page. It gives me the opportunity to get things done but also relax while coloring.

Month in Review

As usual, I included a month in review page. I kept with the green and St. Patrick’s Day theme. I love looking back at the month and remembering all the fun or notable things that happened.

Flip Through

I hope you enjoyed my March 2020 Bullet Journal Flip Through. I hope it gave you some inspiration for your own bullet journal! I’d love to hear your feedback – leave a comment or a question below!

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