As the days grow longer and the promise of spring fills the air, I find myself yearning for a touch of color and creativity. What better way to embrace the changing season than with a vibrant bullet journal spread? This month, I’m ditching the neutrals and diving headfirst into a rainbow explosion, and I’m here to share my colorful March Bullet Journal setup with you!

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Colorful March Bullet Journal Pages

Cover Page

colorful march cover page with a rainbow

Calendar Spread

1-page march calendar spread

The way my pages fell this month only allowed me to have a 1-page calendar spread. I’m sure I could have changed things up to get have two pages, but it was nice change for March.

Mood Tracker

march mood tracker in the shape of a rainbow with an awesome quote

When I came across this quote I knew I had to use it in my bullet journal on my mood tracker. It is just so fitting for a mood tracker and definitely gives some perspective. I often allow a few minutes of a day to totally affect my mood for the rest of the day. Sometimes that’s okay but it doesn’t have to be every day. Being aware that this is something that can happen can give you more control of how you think about things.

Habit Tracker

Colorful March Mood Tracker with awesome vibrant rainbow in the center

This is one of my absolute favorite bullet journal spreads ever! This is actually a remake of a spread I did a couple of years ago. I loved it so much I had to do it again. The last time I used a pastel color scheme and I can’t tell which one of I love more!

Gratitude Log

March Rainbow Gratitude Log

Products Used

I hope you enjoyed my March Bullet Journal Pages filled with color and rainbows! Want more bullet journal ideas? Check out other months HERE!

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