February flutters in, bringing with it a wave of warmth, romance, and, of course, the much-anticipated Valentine’s Day! This month, our bullet journals deserve a makeover fit for the occasion, brimming with hearts, amorous vibes, and practical spreads to keep your love life (and life in general) organized. So, grab your pens, washi tape, and let’s dive into heart-melting February bullet journal inspiration!

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February Bullet Journal Inspiration

Cover Page

February Bullet Journal Inspiration colorful hearts theme

I am absolutely in love with this cover page for February! I did my faux calligraphy to make it fancy and added some colorful heats to give it some Valentine’s flair.

February Calendar

February Bullet Journal Inspiration full size calendar

I love doing a large, full calendar every month! This was another great Pinterest inspiration photo that I morphed for myself. I kept with the heart decorations and faux calligraphy lettering.

Mood Tracker

February Bullet Journal Inspiration mood tracker hearts in a jar

This page was another Pinterest inspiration page. Last month I did five different colors and found that I only used four of them so I only did four different moods this year.

Habit Tracker

February Bullet Journal Inspiration habit tracker love letters

I wanted to try something a little different for my habit tracker this month so I got fancy and it was a disaster! I made a couple of mistakes and learned my lesson the hard way. Like I literally didn’t think it was going to be so difficult to draw envelopes but I was wrong! It still came out decently so I’m pleased and will continue to push myself on this spread every month.

Gratitude Tracker

Gratitude spread for february bujo

Gratitude isn’t something that you usually think of in the month of February but it’s something we’ve been talking about a lot lately, especially at church. Recently our pastor said that “gratitude is the antidote to anxiety”. If you know me, you know that I do suffer from anxiety and have most of my adult life. It’s something a lot of people suffer from and it’s important to find ways to battle that anxiety so it doesn’t control your life. Sometimes that involves medication (I’ve been there) and sometimes that involves a mix of other things. For me, it’s therapy, prayer and gratitude. Brene Brown talks about how gratitude helps with anxiety and depression in her book The Gifts of Imperfection as well! So when our pastor challenged us to write down two things we are grateful for every day, I knew I had to make a spread for it.

Supplies Used for This February Bullet Journal Inspiration

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