Happy Summer! I am so excited to be back in my journal after far too long! For July, I decided to do a bee-themed. I’ve been wanting to do this theme for a while now and July was the perfect month! This month I keep things relatively simple with a two-page cover, a calendar spread, a monthly goals page, and then a habit tracker before I got into my weekly spreads. Let’s dive into my July 2021 Bullet Journal Set Up.

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July 2021 Bullet Journal Pages

July 2021 Bullet Journal Cover

july 2021 bullet journal cover the bees knee theme

I have a love/hate relationship with my July 2021 Bullet Journal cover page. I love love love the quote on the right-hand side and the honeycombs in both corners that I used The Bees Knees stencil to create, but those little bees and the beehive proved to be trouble. This is where testing your stencils and practicing comes into play. In hindsight, I would definitely recommend starting at the top of the beehive if you are looking to use this feature of the stencil.

Pro-Tip: Save things that speak to you! I came across the quote I used for this spread back in December of 2020 (I thought it was March in the video). I just saved it on my phone for the right time to use it!

July 2021 Bullet Journal Calendar Spread

july 2021 bullet journal calendar page

The monthly calendar spread is always a “go-to” in my monthly journal. I don’t know why because I rarely use it. Sometimes I just do a straight-up list of the dates (check out November’s monthly spread HERE). This time I thought it’d use the honeycomb shape to create my days. I think the little bee at the bottom is super cute as well. As you can see I made a huge mistake with the word July. If you watch the video you’ll see I wrote June in error and then used correction liquid (white-out) to fix my mistake. It’s still not perfect, I wish the Y was closer to the L, but what can you do?

PRO TIP: Use the smaller part of the stencil first (body of the bee) so you can position the larger section (the outside of the bee/wings) perfectly over the smaller section.

Monthly To-Do List

july 2021 bullet journal monthly to do

Typically I make this much more complicated, so this time around, because I haven’t had much time to actually set up my journal, I decided to keep my monthly to-do list simple and to the point. I decided to keep my top 3 most important to-do’s at the top and then the other things that I needed to get done but just not as important at the bottom. Simple, easy, and effective.

PRO TIP: Use your highlighter or marker first, then write overtop with your black pen. This will help prevent your black ink from bleeding or smearing.

Habit Tracker

july 2021 bullet journal habit tracker

I again went back to the basics with my habit tracker this month. Honestly, it has actually been super effective this month and I have been able to really keep up with my tracking. Not that I’ve been good with my habits this month but at least I’m keeping the habit of tracking my habits! Hahaha. I may add more design on this page if I get bored one night.

Tumbitri Muri Journal

Staedtler Pigment Liner

Zebra Mildliners

Scribbles That Matter Dual-Tip Brush Pens

The Bees Knees Stencil

Thank you for joining me for my July 2021 Bullet Journal Set Up. I’d love to hear your feed back– leave a comment below.

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