My friends! It has been far, far too long! I am thrilled to be back with you to share my bullet journal spreads! This month, I went with a fun fall theme that includes all the cozy fall colors and fun leaves. This year’s foliage hasn’t been as vibrant and colorful as I remember last year’s being so I reflected that in my journal decorations as well. As always, I had some washi tape inspiration so I kept with that color scheme as well. I’m so excited to share my November Fun Fall Bullet Journal pages with you!

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November Fun Fall Bullet Journal Set Up

Cover Page

I wanted to keep this month’s cover page simple but fun. It’s pretty windy here in the fall in western Pennsylvania so when I saw the inspo pic for this cover page on Pinterest, it really hit home. I love the fancy letters (which I fake calligraphed– I’m still perfecting this) and the wisp of fall wind that breezes through the letters.


I think I did it guys! I think I finally did the cool title thing where you write block letters and then write over it with black pen! Tell me what you think!

For this month’s calendar, I decided not to use a ruler! Can you believe it!? I wanted things to look a little more whimsical so I just sketched out my blocks and then freehanded over the pencil. I kinda like it! For the decorations, I’ve been wanting to do a tree for a while now and November Fall Fun seemed like a perfect excuse to do one. My friend Meghan taught me how to draw a tree, well branches, years ago when we slaved over her wedding favors. (If you’re reading this, I love you and I’m sorry I totally messed this tree up!). Things got a little thicker here than I wanted them to but it’s alright! It’s done and we’re moving on.

Mood Tracker

This one cracked me up a little bit. I saw the inspo again on Pinterest and I couldn’t tell if they were meant to be trees or leaves, so I chose to make mine leaves. I was so mad I put my star order in the wrong order. One day I will get this right, it’s just not today!

Habit Tracker

I just went with my basic habit tracker this month again. It’s tried and true and works for me so I’ll keep it the same. I did add some lines to divide the weeks but otherwise, it’s my basic habit tracker. I absolutely love the calendar stamps I got from Oops A Daisy UK! They make my life so much easier.

Gratitude Log

For November, I wanted to make an extra effort to be more present, more thoughtful, and focus on things that I am grateful for so I made a gratitude log. I found a list of questions online that we are talking about as a family and I am writing down my answers everyday. I fear I am going to run out of room before the end so I’m going to have to Frankenstein a additional page in. Stay tuned for that!

Products Used in November Fun Fall Theme Bullet Journal

Let me know what your November Theme was and if you have any suggestions for future bullet journal themes or spreads! If you enjoyed this post, check out my previous bullet journal themes HERE!

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