Welcome back for the last month of the year! I’m super excited to share my December 2023 Bullet Journal set up with you all, featuring one of my favorite festive things, Christmas Lights! When I saw the inspo for this on Pinterest, I just knew I needed to feature it in my December bujo! I am so excited to share these last few pages with you this year!

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December 2023 Bullet Journal Set up

Cover Page

December 2023 Bullet Journal Cover page featuring colorful christmas string lights.

I am so loving all of the color in my December 2023 Bullet Journal! I love driving around and looking at Christmas lights so I’m really enjoying the theme this month as well. I also opted to go with a fancier text this month as well. The cursive/calligraphy really dresses this up nicely. I also added some great colored dots throughout the background to give it a little extra punch!

Calendar Spread

December 2023 Bullet Journal Calendar Page featuring colorful christmas string lights.

I sometimes feel like I do the same spreads over and over again but you know what, I like what I like and if it works, why change it? I always go back to the dad joke Cogsworth says in Beauty and the Beast “If it isn’t baroque, why fix it?” Slays me every time! The one thing I did do a little differently this month was to add an important dates section and I didn’t use a ruler! I may go ruler free for the foreseeable future! It’s great for measuring but do I really need crisp lines every time? Not when I want some whimsy in my spread, that’s for sure!

Mood Tracker

This mood tracker is such a mood! Hahaha. I try to keep things fresh and different with my mood trackers as much as I can because other than the cover page and some decorations on the calendar page, this is probably the only page I can be a little more creative with. This was another inspo find on Pinterest and I absolutely LOVE it. The thing I really love about it is the strand of lights in the top left hand corner. When I sketched this out I had immediate regrets that I didn’t make all of my lights this shape! It’s a shame I had the other pages already done or I would have gone back and switched it up. Next year!

Habit Tracker

Some months I wonder why I even bother with this page. I’ve been reading and drinking water but I haven’t been properly tracking it. I have also been horrendous with my other habits on the right hand side of the spread. Such a Struggle! I post a couple of times a week on TikTok filling my bujo out so you’ll have to join me there to see how consistent (or inconsistent) I am!

More Christmas Inspiration

If you’re looking for more Christmas bullet journal inspiration, check out my blog post from December of 2020! Also below, you will find a couple of additional December cover pages I just never posted!

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