Welcome, fellow bullet journalers and planners! Today, I am beyond thrilled to invite you into the colorful world of my 2024 Bullet Journal Setup. As we embark on this creative journey together, prepare to witness the magic unfold on the pages of possibility. Each stroke of the pen is a deliberate step towards crafting a year of dreams, aspirations, and organized chaos. Join me in the ritual of planning, as we unlock the secrets behind my 2024 Bullet Journal Setup – a visual display of intentions, goals, and creative expressions.

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2024 Bullet Journal Setup

Cover Page

2024 Bullet Journal Cover Page

Bullet Journal Future Log

Word of the Year!

Bullet Journal Word of the year spread featuring the word discipline

Want to find out your word of the year? Check out our printable worksheet that will walk you through the process in three easy steps!


I always do a goals page, but this year I really wanted to make it and use it! This layout will allow me to not only see my overall goal for the year but to also make a plan to reach those goals and to track my progress.

Book and Movie Trackers

I love to track the books I’ve read and the new movies we’ve watched every year. I’ve gotten into listening to memoirs and self-help books as well so I also keep track of those. My reading goal for this year is to “consume” at least 24 books, 12 of which have to be read with my eyes versus listened to with my ears. For movies watched, I only write down the ones that I haven’t watched before. We tend to rewatch a lot of movies in my house (working on the Harry Potter series for probably the 25th time) so I only stick to new movies.

Cleaning Schedule and Zone Cleaning

Do you have a cleaning schedule? Growing up, we always cleaned the entire house in one day every other week. This seems super unrealistic and unnecessary to me as a working mom so I’ve leaned into a zone cleaning method. We also have weekly and bi-weekly tasks to make sure the dirtiest parts of the house do get the attention they need. I may do a whole post on my method in the future so keep a lookout for that!

Savings Tracker

savings tracker bullet journal spread

Knowing that I created this before I found out that my job is converting my full-time position into a part-time position makes me laugh now but I’m still hopeful that as a family we will be able to cut back where we can and save for what we need.

Social Media Following Tracker

social media following growth tracker

I thought this would be a fun and simple way to keep track of some KPI’s for my blog and social media presence. I’d love for this little hobby of mine to someday make up for the hours I won’t be working at my 9-5 after March but that takes consistency so we will see how well I can stay focused and consistent.

Washi Tape Wardrobe

Washi Tape Wardrobe bullet journal spread with empty hangers

I knew back in December that I wanted to curtail spending which included spending money on bullet journal supplies so I sat down and planned my entire year of themes. By doing that, I was able to order all of the washi tape for each month in one lump so I was able to use a discount code, save on shipping, and be ready for the year ahead. Definitely check out my favorite washi tape shop, BellasBeadHabit, if you need some great washi tape!

Funny Things Syd Said

Funny Things Syd Said bullet journal tracker to keep track of all the funny things she's said

I love looking back on the funny things Sydney says over the years. I really need to make sure I use this page more often this year.

List of Items Used

Which spread from my 2024 Bullet Journal Setup was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out my other set up posts here!

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