Plan with me June 2020 bullet journal set up

Happy June everyone! I have to be honest, I had so much fun setting up my June 2020 Bullet Journal. pages. The warming weather inspired me to do a beachy, summer theme! I have officially become a washi tape addict. I mean I’ve had washi tape for years, but I feel like I just found my connection with it. I’m always late to the party!

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June Pages

June Cover Page — I love this page. I was so fortunate to score a left over mini box from Oops A Daisy UK that contained this amazing seaside washi tape and summery stencil. Unfortunately, it appears both are sold out but she has some other awesome stuff in her shop.

June Monthly Page — I kept the monthly page simple this month since I went a little extra with the cover page. I’m still debating which layout I like better. Both are pretty simple to read and get the information from, but I still haven’t decided.

june 2020 plan with me bullet journal set up cover page summer beach

Blog Plan— I’m still fine tuning this page. I love the idea and it does seem to be useful, i just need to be more consistent. I added some additional sea creatures on this page to tie it into my monthly theme. On the stats page, I chose to use the social media icons instead of just writing out the name of the platform. I felt like this gave it a little more visual appeal. These social media icons can be found on an Oops a Daisy UK stencil.

Gratitude Log — I know, I know, here I go again. So I decided to do another Gratitude Log this month because I’m doing a bible study by Holly Furtick (check her out HERE) and this week we were focusing on replacing negative thoughts with gratitude. I’m hoping to be more consistent this time around.

I also included a monthly master to do list but I didn’t have my coloring sheet in it so you’ll have to wait to see what it looks like at the end!

Supplies Used

*Scribbles That Matter A5 Planner –

*Staedtler Pigment Liner –

*Zebra Mildliners-

*Scribble Stuff Pen-

*Ohuhu Art Markers –

Social Media Icons Stencil –…

Washi Tape and Summer Stencil –

That’s it for my June 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up! Check out the video below showing you my set up page by page!

Thank you again so much for joining me! I’d love to hear your feedback — leave a comment or suggestion below!

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