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Father’s Day is officially less than two weeks away! For once, I am actually ahead of the game as far as gifts go. Sometimes it is so hard to find the right gift for the father in your life, whether that be your own father, or the father of your child, or the man you look to as a father figure. I thought I’d take some time and help you all out and share my Father’s Day gift ideas 2020 edition.

This blog post contains affiliate links to products. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. All of the products I share have either been items I have purchased myself and love, or items that come highly recommended and I would purchase in the future.

1. Book about Dad

We are a big book family. We basically have a book for every holiday you can imagine so I wasn’t surprised when I purchased a book for Father’s Day back in December. I think this book, I Love you, Daddy, is so cute, and perfect for your little one to give to their Dad for Father’s Day!

2. Remote Control Organizer

My husband has about 6 remotes for our TV… any one else? Number one, I don’t know what half of them do and number two they take up the entire side table. When I came across this remote control organizer, I thought it was the greatest idea ever! I hope it solves a problem for your family too!

3. New Wallet

A leather wallet is a gift that you can give dad any time of the year. A couple of key things I look for when buying a wallet for my husband is if it’s RFID Blocking (which helps prevent identity theft) and has 2 ID windows. I also like a bi-fold but I’m sure each person has their own preference. Check out this wallet below.

4. Bluetooth Speaker

My husband LOVES this thing. This is the Bose SoundLink Mini II Limited Edition Bluetooth Speaker. He usually keeps it in the kitchen so he can listen to music while he does the dishes (I know, I’m super lucky) but it’s also PORTABLE! He will take it outside while we’re hanging out, or down the basement while he works out, wherever he wants to take it, it goes. It is rechargeable so it doesn’t need to be plugged in constantly (and it lasts a pretty decent amount of time). The sound quality it super great too!

5. Themed Board Game

Confession time, my husband hates monopoly. A lot of people do actually. We used to play it all the time growing up but I could never get Josh to play until I bought him Star Wars Monopoly. Now, family game night happens way more often. If Star Wars isn’t their thing, you can also find other themed games, like Game of Thrones Monopoly, or The Walking Dead Yahtzee! Getting the father in your life a board game is probably one of the best gifts, because it’s a gift that brings you together!

Now, time to shop!

I hope my list of Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2020 Edition helped you get some ideas about what to get the father in your life. It’s always fun to get them something you know they want, but it’s even more fun when you find that special thing they weren’t expecting but are sure to love! Happy Father’s Day shopping!

I’d love to hear your feedback– If you’ve tried a product above, let me know how you liked it or leave me a comment below with other great Father’s Day ideas!

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  1. Usually for Father’s Day, we get my husband a gift card to a store or favorite restaurant of his. Sometimes, I let the kids make him something, but I always try to make it useful. This year, we went all out and got him a Blackstone Griddle with some accessories! I couldn’t wait so he already has it. He was so excited, but I have to admit, I’m just as excited about using it as he is!

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