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Have you ever had trouble keeping track of what needs cleaned in the house and what you just cleaned last week? I know I have several times. My husband and I normally split the cleaning (he actually does a lot more than me, shocking, I know) and sometimes he’ll clean a room in the house and not tell me. This leads me to clean that same room over again before it needs it. To resolve this issue (I mean come on, who wants to clean something when they don’t really need to?) I’ve created a Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedule. There are many different variations of cleaning schedules so I’ve compiled Four Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedules to share with you.

The Master Cleaning Chart

First up, is The Master Cleaning Chart. As you can see in the picture below, it is a very vague overview of what all needs cleaned in the house. I went room by room and listed the major things that needed cleaned in each room and how often I would ideally like them cleaned. They are all color coded as well. D = Daily, W = Weekly, B = Bi-weekly, M = Monthly, and 0 = on occasion.

Master cleaning chart showing each room and the item that needs cleaned in each room and how often to clean it

While I liked the simplicity of this, it doesn’t really work as a tracker. It works more as a cleaning brain dump or as a way to organize your cleaning thoughts and then transfer those into a more robust tracker.

At a Glance Cleaning Schedule

Next Up is what I call the At a Glance Cleaning Schedule. This one is super pretty and but again, not functional for me personally. I’ve actually tried this one twice and both times it failed me miserably. It does a good job of showing you what needs done and how often, but it doesn’t help plan and track very well. As you can see, it went uncompleted after just 3 months.

at a glance cleaning schedule with awesome bubbles super cute for bullet journal layout

The problem is that it’s not specific enough for me. Yes, I’m going to clean the microwave bi-weekly but this schedule makes it appear that all the bi-weekly tasks are happening on the same week, which isn’t the case. I guess it could work if you’re just looking for an overall checklist, but it just didn’t work for me.

Monthly Cleaning Schedule

My third cleaning schedule looks at all the cleaning chores that need to be done over the course of the month. As you can see there is a place for daily tasks, weekly tasks, bi-weekly tasks, monthly tasks, and the occasional task. The master cleaning list can come in help when trying to create this tracker.

monthly bullet journal cleaning schedule almost like a check list for cleaning

This tracker did work better than any of the other ones I had tried in the past but I still had some issues. For example, the bi-weekly tasks and the monthly tasks don’t really designate which bi-week or which week of the month I would be doing said task. It did give me a better check list to make sure things were completed, but it still wasn’t the best for me.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Finally, after many trials, I have landed on a cleaning schedule layout that works best for us. While this schedule is basic, it is also efficient. The schedule focuses on two months at a time and breaks tasks down by room. I then color in the box that coordinates with the week I plan to complete each task. Once the task is done, I just put a check mark in the box.

This system really works for us. It keeps everything organized and I know what to expect any given week. It also helps to spread things out. At one point I was cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen (the two hardest rooms) all on the same day. Now I can easily spread them out and visualize everything.

Supplies Used

**Below is a link to the supplies I used to create this spread. As a member of the Amazon affiliate program I will receive a small percentage of any sales made. This won’t cost you any more and I will never recommend anything that I don’t absolutely love and use myself.**

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Plan With Me| Cleaning Tracker Video

I hope these Four Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedules have inspired you to organize your cleaning regimen. I’d love to hear from you! How do you keep track of your cleaning schedule? Leave a comment below!

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