The Problem

I don’t know about you, but figuring out what’s for dinner 365 days in a row is rough! Half the time I can’t figure out what we’re having for dinner, the other half of the time I feel like we’re having the same thing over and over again. This is also a huge area of contention in our household. I find that my husband and I argue more over what’s for dinner than we do about most other things. Obviously food is super high on our priority list.

The Solution

It was only February 21st when I hit my limit. I sat at work thinking about what I would make for dinner and I had had enough. I was just over meal planning. Then it dawned on me, National Margarita Day is February 23rd. I only knew this because our favorite Mexican restaurant had sent me a Facebook invitation. Mardi Gras was the following Tuesday and I was planning on making some New Orleans’ favorites (check that post out HERE). Why couldn’t I apply this to my normal meal planning?

And so it begun! I printed out a blank March calendar and set to work planning. I did a google search to find out all the national food holidays (check out The Nibble, they seem to have a large, extensive list) and thought about what I could make on those given days. I then went through again and noted the holidays. I could essentially make themed food on those days as well! By the end of my planning session, I had half of the month already planned! All I had to do now was sprinkle in some of my family favorites to fill out the rest!

Here’s a look at my March Calendar so far!!

Monthly Food Calendar


Let’s look at the third week of March to give us an example.

3/16/20 — National Corn Dog Day — I’m making Corn Dogs, french fries, and a veggie

3/17/20 — St. Patrick’s Day — Shepherd’s Pie (because I’m picky and won’t eat corned beef or cabbage.)

3/18/20 — We go to Bible Study on Wednesday’s so we will each out this night. It is however, National Oatmeal Cookie Day so I might pick up dessert.

3/19/20 — National Poultry Day — I’m picking up a Rotisserie Chicken and making some baked potatoes and corn on the cobb

3/20/20 — National Ravioli Day — You guessed it, Ravioli’s in meat-sauce

3/21/20 — National French Bread Day — French Bread Pizza (check out the recipe HERE)

3/22/20 — It’s National Water Day! Maybe we will fast? I’m just kidding, there is no way. We will likely go out to eat this night.

Adding it into my Bullet Journal

The printed calendar (seen above) is posted on the refrigerator at home, that way my husband and family knows what’s for dinner. I found that I also needed this information with me in case I need to stop at the store or mentally prepare myself for cooking dinner that night. This month, I logged this in two places in my journal, I have a monthly spread and I have in in my weekly spread. I don’t always have my weekly spreads ready at the beginning of the month, so the monthly spread helped me plan.

Monthly Meal Plan Bullet Journal
Weekly Meal Plan Bullet Journal

It’s so easy!

It’s so easy, I can’t believe I did think of this before! Having the weeks planned in advance also helps me budget for groceries. I can get all the non-perishable foods weeks in advance and pick up the perishables that week (or day if you want a rotisserie chicken). I hope this hack helps you with your meal planning! I’d love your feedback– leave a comment or ask a question below!

5 thoughts on “The Meal Planning Hack that Will Change Your Life”

  1. What a fantastic idea!! Love it! I’m going to go check out that link now and write some holidays on my calendar. 😀 Thanks

  2. Great idea! It’s a great way to keep things interesting and fun. We try to do this at home when we can, but we should definitely be more proactive about it.

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